Windows 11 – Approach with Caution

Windows 11 – Approach with Caution

November 30, 2021 Business Plans Community Banking Industry News 0

Are you excited about the newest version of Microsoft Windows? Windows 10 has been the go-to version a lot longer than its predecessors. Many people are anxious to update to the new and improved Windows 11, as it promises to be more secure and user friendly to increase overall productivity. This sounds impressive; however, if you were to scan computer support web sites about the Windows 11 update, you may want to wait a while or hold off on the update altogether. As reported on the site, Gartner Research recommends a more cautious approach. The Windows 11 update has caused a lot of issues with users attempting to update on older hardware. It has been suggested that Windows 11 can only be upgraded on newer computers, from the last couple years.

If you have multiple computers with the same build, I personally recommend updating just one. After the update, conduct extensive testing with all your applications before rolling out the update to the rest of the computers. If you have a wide range of computer models, you may need to plan on having back up systems available if issues arise during the updates. An even easier solution is to avoid the update on current computers altogether and, as they are replaced new systems over the next few years, establish them with Widows 11. Windows 10 continues to be supported through October of 2025, so there is plenty of time to get to the new version. Heightened security improvements are standard with Windows 11, so if you remain on Windows 10, keep an eye out for published security vulnerabilities to see if your timelines need to be adjusted.

Do you control what updates your individual employees get? If your systems are set to allow users to download their own patches, it is very possible for someone to get an update to Windows 11 without them knowing they are updating to a new operating system. The Windows 11 update is not supposed to install automatically; however, not everyone reads and understands what each patch does and, if you aren’t paying close enough attention, the Windows 11 update does not look a lot different from a roll up patch. You are supposed to be able to roll back to Windows 10, but there have been reports of computers becoming completely unresponsive after the update. This means that you would need to reload the Windows operating system. Everyone should always back up important files often and most businesses require important files to be kept on file servers instead of their computers, but we know that isn’t always the case. This could be a good time to remind everyone about any back up policies you have in place.

Microsoft does have a new version of the PC Health Check, but the Windows 11 update is not blocked if your computer does not meet the basic requirements. The PC Health Check can be downloaded from Microsoft and installed. After it is installed and you launch the application, some basic information from your computer is presented. You can click the Check Now button and choose between seeing all results or device specifications. The device specifications launch a web page with some information about your computer and the Windows 11 update. Click to See All Results, allowing you to review whether your system meets the requirements and if not, which ones are not compatible with the update.

The Microsoft blog site for Windows 11 states a new era for the PC begins today. I’ll let those who have time to experiment start that new era, and a little bit down the road, I’ll join them after the bugs are worked out. Every business has different needs and will have to decide for themselves when to join this new PC era.

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