IDS On-Time

Back Office Processing Focused on Community Banks

IDS On-Time from Insite Data Services is a one-stop-shop for your processing needs. Our team of bank operation experts is dedicated to back office processing, giving you the freedom to focus on the big picture and the future of your bank. This means no equipment, maintenance costs, supplies, or labor to handle on a daily basis. All of your item processing, EFT/ATM Settlement, Statement Processing, and End of Day are completed by our committed staff.

Work with a Preferred Statement Processing Provider through IDS On-Time to eliminate the hassle of printing, folding,
stuffing, and mailing statements each month, increasing customer communication efficiency. You’ll enjoy business continuity through IDS disaster recovery services, enabling your bank statements to go out on time, even when your bank cannot open.

IDS On-Time will take care of both End of Day and End of Year, allowing you to extend uninterrupted service to your customers. We have a focus on providing personal attention that translates into real savings for your bank. You’ll have one point of contact for all support, allowing our staff to understand your preferences and provide a higher level of service.

IDS On-Time Top Features

We have extended our availability, with our department functioning from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm daily.

We complete End of Day processing and then run the End of Day update for the bank. Once a bank is done balancing their drawers and rolled to the next day on their teller drawers, they are good to go home!

Our team downloads and uploads ACH and Cash Letter files and then processes these files through the Insite Core system.

Our team of experts downloads bill pay files from the Bill Pay vendor and processes them into the Core system.

We send ATM balance and card maintenance files to the bank’s ATM vendor for updated stand-in balances and card maintenance for the day.

We process Business ACH files in the Core system and send resulting origination files to the correspondent bank.

Our team processes and returns bank’s returned items for insufficient funds and stop payment processing. The bank decides what to return.

We also offer a service to return any ACH or check item outside the normal NSF or Stop Pay return reason.

We download banks’ EFT/ATM transaction files from the ATM vendor and process them into the Core system.

We review for duplicate check items in incoming cash letters and the bank’s over the counter work, then notifying the bank of duplicate items for review.

Our team provides a service to run a bank’s loan automatic payments or automatic transfer items.

We process incoming return cash letter items, leading to the return items being charged back to their customer accounts or resubmitted for another attempt.